My first holiday with friends

Sun, sea, sand, and plenty of cheap alcohol. Sounds like a pretty perfect combination, right? Well, my first ‘proper’ holiday with friends was huge amounts of fun, even if now I am currently nursing a bad throat infection (I had to Google what strep throat was once my doctor had told me). Yay. Anyhow, I […]

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Destination Guide: Melbourne

Formula 1 returns this weekend, and ahead of the first race of the season, I spent some time finding out what to do if you are lucky enough to be attending the 2017 season opener. Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state Victoria and is home to over 4 million people. Founded in 1835, […]

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Is Monaco really worth the hype?

Monaco, the playground of the rich and famous, millionaire’s paradise – call it what you want. Regardless, the fundamental element stays the same: she’s very pretty. I’ve been aware of Monaco from a very young age, grâce à Formula 1. I have grown up admiring its formidable settings and lavish yachts. One day I had […]

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Help! I have a fear of flying.

Flying. Sounds like a simple way to get from A to B, but believe me it isn’t – and not just because of the 123564 calculations that have to be performed in order to make it possible. Someone only has to mention a word associated with an aeroplane, and I’m off on one – stomach churning, […]

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