One special talent

Being familiar with motor racing, you are aware of one thing from the offset – it is dangerous and, with the sport, there is this risk of danger that exists. Yet, despite keeping that premise in mind, and being reminded by the dozens of signs at a race circuit, losing a driver leaves you with […]

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Dear The Demons In My Head

Dear The Demons In My Head, If I could just take one second to lay my emotions down. I get that everyone’s brains are wired different, and no two people are the same. I understand that everyone stuggles, some more than others. But, can I ask, when will this dark cloud lift? Even if it […]

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The W Series: The Basics

Since the announcement of the new all-female racing programme, the W Series has been causing a bit of a stir. To get to grips with the concept, I’ve pieced together a guide to get you acquainted with one of motorsport’s most new and exciting adventures. What is it? The W Series will see 18-20 female […]

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Is the W Series a step in the right direction or an unneeded act of segregation?

Should any effort to widen the pool of female talent and give women a pathway to Formula 1 be applauded? “Some people have misunderstood the premise behind the series: the message isn’t that women can’t compete with men,” Karun Chandhok says. “I believe it’s about creating a platform to encourage more women to race.” That’s […]

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Why a career in motorsport?

Why a career in motorsport? I’ve been asked the above question so many times in my life and, since starting university, it has become more and more frequent. While my friends are wanting to persue a career in photojournalism or presenting, I’m adamant that I’ll follow the path of writing and Tweeting about motorsport for […]

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