5 reasons why you should watch the Australian GP

If you’re just like me, then you’re very excited to see that Formula 1 is back and racing once again. With the first race of the season taking place in Melbourne, Australia there is the slight issue of the ridiculously early race. But, I assure you, that it will be worth getting up at 6 am for. Promise.

It’s a new season!

The slates have been wiped clean and the points have been set back to zero. Last year we saw closer fought battles between Mercedes and Ferrari, and even Red Bull at some points. With the first two practice sessions done and dusted, things look even closer than last year with Max Verstappen splitting the two Mercedes drivers to be second fastest. In fact, 0.283 seconds was all that separated the top three teams. If the prospect of close battles doesn’t excite you, then maybe shiny new things will…

New things!

There’s a new theme tune (no it isn’t The Chain and it isn’t trying to replace it) composed by Brian Tyler. There’s new graphics, new camera angles – okay, not all are welcome – and there’s new drivers. It will be worth tuning in to see how Sauber’s new signing Charles Leclerc fairs. He performed exceptionally well last year, romping home with the Formula 2 title, so a lot of eyes will be on him to see what he can achieve with his Alfa Romeo Sauber. Granted podiums will be a miracle, but it isn’t all about who is standing on that top step if he can drive well.

The halo!

I will be the first person to admit that I am still not completely used to the halo, despite testing and so on. But, regardless of being incredibly sceptical when it was first introduced, I actually can focus on the car now instead of the device glaring at me like a big red beacon. If, however, the halo is still putting you off, watch this weekend to be proved wrong. The DNA of F1 is still the same and, if it saves just one life, then the criticism it has received shall be irrelevant.

The battle to be the driver of this generation!

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have four championship titles apiece. In 2018 there’s a very realistic chance that one of them could be walking away with their fifth. If one of them is successful in doing that, then surely that would entitle them to the title of the driver of the generation, too. Right?

F1 is just brilliant!

Yes, I am bias when it comes to thinking that F1 is great. There’s something about watching man and machine push everything to breaking point that will never get old. That, mixed with all of the above makes the sport exciting. You should tune in to the Australian Grand Prix purely because the whole thing is rather amazing. And if you do decide to watch, then I can’t promise that you won’t become addicted…



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